By Mike Kruzman /

The Hartland Township Planning Commission is asking for revisions and more details regarding a proposed apartment development on golf course property.

Redwood Living is seeking to build 148 apartment units on the northeastern portion of Hartland Glen Golf Course. There would be four types of buildings, ranging from 3 to 6 units, with 30 buildings total. Six different models are being offered with various architecture plans. All units would have a 2 car-attached garage and driveway. Redwood is seeking a Planned Development agreement.

The site is zoned as a Special Planning Area which would allow for up to 4 units per acre. The proposed density would be 5.45 dwelling units per acre. With a PD, the township could grant bonus density up to a 40% increase if the project is felt to provide sufficient added benefit to the township. Without a PD, they could build 136 units to fit density regulations.

Several concerns were brought up by the planning commission. Sue Grissim was worried about parking spaces smaller than what is normal in the township which led to a discussion about the size of garages. She also wanted more trees added to the plan, and moved closer to the street to help create a canopy and naturally slow down traffic. Michelle LaRose said she wouldn’t be comfortable approving bonus density at this point these reasons along with smaller setbacks and buffers. A public hearing was recently held where several residents also voiced issues, largely around the impact to property values and the fact that many bought their homes because it was overlooking a golf course, and not an apartment development. Planning Commission Chair Larry Fox said that this is a residential golf course community, and a development like this could happen at some point, even if its not in his lifetime.

Planning commissioners were in agreement that they would like to see some revisions before they vote on a potential recommendation to the township board.