A local fire association is a holding a hunt to support their efforts at bringing fire safety awareness to residents. The Hartland Deerfield Firefighters Association is holding their 1st Annual Pheasant Hunt for Fire Safety Fundraiser. The event will be held on Sunday, February 10, at Rooster Ranch, in Ubly, which is up in the Thumb. Check-in begins at 7:30am.

Fire Inspector Jennifer Whitbeck said money raised from the benefit will aid in the upkeep of the department’s smoke trailer that they take to schools and use at open houses for public education. Whitbeck said they are looking to modernize it in ways that can more effectively show people what it’s like to be in a smoke-filled environment, but in a safe manner.

This pheasant hunt is a “Euro” hunt and is done a little differently. Where a traditional hunt takes place in a field, a Euro hunt is done primarily from blinds with little walking required. Cost to participate is $250 per hunter. That includes not only the hunt, but also breakfast, lunch, and a chance at prizes awards and a raffle following the event. Sponsorship opportunities are also available from between $75 and $200.

For more information or to register, contact the Hartland Deerfield Fire Association at (810) 632-7676, or by email at hdfirefighters@gmail.com. (MK)