Final touches are being put on the new fiscal year budget by Hartland Township officials.

The Board of Trustees was presented an updated and proposed budget for 2020-2021 by Hartland Township Manager James Wickman, at their meeting, Tuesday night. Only a couple items were highlighted as being noticeably changed from last year. Clerk Larry Ciofu has proposed adding some hours to the deputy clerk’s position with 3 elections coming up in the next budget cycle. With no-reason absentee voting in place and a need to still properly staff the polling places, Ciofu said they need the extra hours. In terms of savings, the township stands to spend $7,500 less on mowing and snow maintenance this coming year as they move those services in-house, as opposed to contracting them out like they have been doing. As for the state of the general fund, Township Supervisor Bill Fountain says it’s in great shape, and that they have one year’s balance equal to one year’s revenue in the fund.

Fountain said they aim each year to earmark 20% of their budget towards capital improvements, feeling that is strong number for investing back into the community. This year, Fountain says they are going to work on improvements to their parks system and fight an invasive species that has made its way into the ecosystem. He said they will also take a strong look at sidewalk connections down M-59, with a goal of making the township more walkable for residents.

Hartland Township’s new budget year begins on April 1st. Fountain says they plan on getting the heavy work done this month, so they can vote on it in early March. (MK)