The fire protection rating for one local department could potentially yield insurance savings for residents and businesses.

The Hartland Deerfield Fire Authority has received an upgraded rating from the Insurance Services Office, or ISO. That organization evaluates municipal fire-protection efforts in communities using credit points and various formulas, before calculating a fire protection rating from 1, being the best, to 10 being the worst. ISO’s analysis of the structural fire response and suppression capabilities provided by the Hartland Deerfield Fire Authority resulted in a 4/5 rating. It previously was a 4/6. Those properties within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant remain rated at a Class 4, which the authority says is in the top 14% in Michigan. All other properties were reduced to a Class 5, placing them in the top 34% statewide.

Fire Chief Adam Carroll says homeowners and business in the new Class 5 area should realize a savings on the fire portion of their property insurance. Carroll added that over the course of the next 5 to 10 years, that could result in more than a million dollars in savings. The upgraded rating came after a comprehensive review of the authority’s operations, including available water supply and delivery capabilities. Also factored in were 911 phone services, dispatch and communication capabilities of Livingston County Central Dispatch. (JK)