The votes are in, and one local lawmaker participated in all of them during 2017.

State Representative Hank Vaupel of Handy Township took part in all 511 roll call votes in the State House last year. Speaking of his unblemished record, Vaupel said that the people of the 47th District deserve a consistent and reliable voice in legislature, and that he is honored to fill that role. On top of that, he also announced that he was giving back nearly $9,000 of his allotted budget for 2017 back to the state. Vaupel stated that he feels it is important for his office to be fiscally responsible while still achieving the priorities of the district.

The representative is serving in second term in the state House and is the chair of the Health Policy Committee. Vaupel also serves as a member of the House Committee on Insurance, Michigan Competitiveness, and Tax Policy. (MK)