The Handy Township Planning Commission has taken steps towards officially amending their sign ordinance.

The commission put their stamp of approval on what they hope will help them better balance the ability for local businesses to advertise versus signs that could be perceived as ugly in a variety of ways at their meeting Thursday night. Handy Township Planner John Enos said they’ll never get the perfect ordinance, but this will hit a lot of what they want. The amendment sets allowances and rules for free standing signs built at reasonable heights, wall signs, and projecting signs. It also stipulates that signage must be “content neutral” as recently decided by the United States Supreme Court.

Zoning Administrator Bill Call said he received no correspondences or comments from the public on the amendment. Handy Township Clerk Laura Eisele sits with the Planning Commission and suggested that after the time and efforts they’ve spent crafting it, it’s time to see if it works for the county. The amendment will now go before the Livingston County Planning Commission for possible recommendation. Following that, it will be sent to the Handy Township Board of Trustees for consideration of adoption. (MK)