A subdivision in Handy Township that has yet to reach its full potential may still hold some promise, as officials explore purchasing property near the development.

Supervisor Ed Alverson says the township has become aware of and investigated 20 acres north of Silver Springs, which is west of Fowlerville Road and north of the village. At a board of trustees meeting last week, Alverson said officials have carefully considered the decision and decided to move forward in possibly purchasing the land. Board members adopted a resolution authorizing the purchase, which means the township can do so if a final price can be agreed upon.

Alverson says there’s no estimate yet, as the process is ongoing. The land would also come with 40 REUs, or Residential Equivalent Units, which had been laid out in the beginning plans for the space. 204 homes were originally planned for Silver Springs, but Alverson estimates only about 52 have been built, due in part to the Great Recession.

Despite the available space for homes as the development currently exists and the admitted lacking need for more, Alverson still feels owning and controlling the land and REUs is in the township’s best interest, citing a lawsuit the municipality had been involved with years prior. The property does have an out lot that Alverson says will give the township access to phase five of the Silver Springs development. The township has owned the rest of the phases since 2015. (DK)