A committee is being developed in Handy Township as officials look toward further discussions with an energy company interested in building a power plant there.

Competitive Power Ventures, or CPV, has expressed an interest in constructing a natural, gas-fueled electrical power plant on a parcel north of Mason and Truhn Roads. CPV has an option on the property, which gives them a two-year due diligence period to decide whether it’s a good location for their project.

Township Supervisor Ed Alverson says a committee is being established and will meet as needed with company representatives as conversations regarding the project’s potential and likelihood go forward. Committee members will include Handy Township Clerk Laura Eisele and Treasurer Connie Shear. Alverson believes including the two officials in project discussions will be most beneficial to the township’s Board of Trustees.

Fred Dillingham, Executive Director of the Economic Development Council of Livingston County, will be asked to join the committee as well. Alverson also hopes to have representation from Ann Arbor SPARK and legal counsel from Foster Swift included in the group.

A number of residents have responded to news of the proposed power plant, with a fairly equal divide of some supporting and others opposing the project. The township’s Board of Trustees in April voted to amend their zoning ordinance to allow for the operation and regulation of fuel power generation facilities. (DK)