New signs warning drivers of park patrons are coming in Hamburg Township, as officials continue to explore means of making one stretch of road safer for pedestrians. Merill Road in Hamburg Township carries a 55 miles-per-hour speed limit, while dividing the 300 acre park system near the township offices, library, and Manly Bennett Park.

Township Clerk and Parks and Recreation Committee Chairman Mike Dolan said that they have been trying since before his time in office 11 years ago to lower that speed limit, particularly near where the pedestrian path crosses the road. Dolan said at Tuesday afternoon’s meeting of the Parks and Rec Committee, that their efforts, thus far, have been stymied. He said the Township Board of Trustees has petitioned the Livingston County Road Commission, who then contacts the Michigan State Police who then conducts a study. Each time the study is done, however, the response is always the same: no support for a speed reduction. That’s still not stopping them from trying, however, as Dolan and Parks Coordinator Deby Henneman said Supervisor Pat Hohl will be asking the Livingston County Road Commission again in the near future.

In the meantime, Parks and Rec is replacing the “children at play” signs on Merill Road. Dolan said that is about all the township can do within the limits of the law, and that the current ones are outdated, fading, and coming apart. The new 4-by-8 aluminum signs will run the township about $900 and are currently pending the approval of appropriate artwork.(MK)