Jessica Mathews /

A development featuring new townhomes, a retail building, and an updated gas station has been approved in Hamburg Township.

The Board of Trustees recently granted final site plan approval for the project. It’s located on two sites at the south side of the Hamburg Road and M-36 intersection and will be built in two phases.

The applicant is Ronny Hamama with RDH Properties, who is the longtime owner of the existing Mobil gas station at the site that will be revamped. The project has been in the works for some time. Original plans called for a smaller project with 28 townhomes but additional parcels were acquired in 2023.

Phase one will include a gas station building attached to a mixed-use retail/residential building, as well as a gas station canopy with twelve stalls. The first phase is basically tearing down the old Mobile gas station. The revamp will include a new commercial/residential building that will feature a convenience store, retail storefront, and some upstairs apartments.

Phase two will include 40 for-rent townhomes in eight buildings with between 4-7 units in each building, and a 1,400 square foot community center/office management building.

Planning and Zoning Director David Rohr said developers are proposing a 4-way stop installed at the intersection, pending M-DOT approval. He noted the developer is anxious to start on the second phase relatively quickly so it doesn’t lag too far behind. Rohr said hopefully, they’ll see the whole project come to fruition within a 2-3 year period, which would be great for the community.

It was stated that it’s a big development and big changes, but some changes and a development that’s much needed in the Village Center. It was further stated that pushback for the project was minimal, constructive, and positive.

The Planning Commission earlier recommended approval.