By Jessica Mathews /

The 2021 road improvement program has been finalized for Hamburg Township.

At a recent virtual meeting, the board voted unanimously to move forward with the program for both gravel ad paved roads. It’s a cost-sharing partnership with the Livingston County Road Commission. Various project agreements have been received and the cost to the township will be $1.8 (m) million. Some of that will come from the general fund but will be reimbursed later this year with road millage funds.

Supervisor Pat Hohl noted he had some discussions with the Road Commission and Drain Commission last fall and there was serious interest in trying to upgrade Teahen Road. However, he said it now appears that a drain will be established through a resident petition on Teahen Road. Hohl said it’s very preliminary but the Drain Commission is moving forward with that. As for objectives, he said presumably, parts of Teahen Road will be blacktop or hard surface to avoid erosion that is currently coming off a hill and going into Winans Lake.

Hohl said initially there was a proposal to do Teahen but he requested that it be taken it off and instead asked the Road Commission for input on identifying a different gravel road project. VanAntwerp and River Valley were recommended and Hohl said both roads are in pretty rough shape, adding there are a lot of residents who are served by those two roads.

Some projects identified for the upcoming construction season include portions of Swarthout, Pettysville, MacGregor, Darwin, Chilson, Bishop Lake, Merrill, and Sheldon Roads.

More information about the specific projects is available in the meeting packet and that link is provided. Note: The VanAntwerp contract was received on the day of the meeting and thus is not reflected in the project list but it was included in approved projects.