Hamburg Township residents and businesses are being advised of a phone scam.

The Hamburg Township Police Department has received several reports from concerned residents regarding phone calls that they have received from a New York phone number, which has a 516 area code. The caller tells people that they have four outstanding warrants and the “local police department” will arrest them on the warrants if they don’t take care of them. The department warns this is a scam and individuals should not provide any personal information or respond to the phone call. Officials advise no police department will ever attempt to have someone “clear up” a warrant, post a bond or pay a fine over the telephone. If someone is the victim of a scam attempt, they’re should contact their local police department and make a report.

Hamburg Police say if a call is received from someone reporting to be a police officer and you’re suspicious about their true identity, ask for their name and the name of the police department for they work for. Then hang up and either call that police department (using a phone number from a reliable source) or call your local police department and ask that they help you verify the legitimacy of the officer. (JM)