Greg Coburn /

The Hamburg Township Board of Trustees had a discussion on which harvester company to go with in the future.

The choice would be whether to stay with PML, a private company that has been doing the work for the last 15 years, or to switch to the Livingston County Drain Commission, which would need to purchase a harvester before they could do the work.

Supervisor Pat Hohl said that they discussed the weed harvester some time ago. He didn’t think that there was any formal action taken that would support the purchase of a weed harvester by the Livingston County Drain Commission. The PLM has purchased a third larger weed harvester.

He said they had a successful weed harvest this year. PLM brought two units out and finished in two and a half days. Hohl said that they hired a limnologist and his recommendation is to hire PLM to do the harvesting.

PLM would harvest the three lakes in Hamburg and would also be asked to harvest the Huron River. Their schedule would also be more accommodating to Hamburg Townships’ needs.