By Jessica Mathews /

A patio improvement and pickleball project at the Hamburg Township Senior Center has been given the go-ahead.

Proposed upgrades include two pickleball courts, which is described as a growing sport amongst the senior community. There’s been a desire to get some courts close to the building. It was noted that the popularity might generate demand for more courts elsewhere in the township park area but two courts are the maximum amount that can go in logistically on the grounds of the center. The Senior Center is located off Merrill Road at the Hamburg Township Hall and park complex.

Some patio improvements are also planned. It was earlier stated the outdoor patio at the center rarely gets used and was described as “not very inviting”. There’s a general desire to get seniors outside more but also due to the pandemic. A brick wall would be taken down and the shuffleboard court that hasn’t been used in years would be removed to extend the concrete patio out.

A memo states that the added space along with comfortable patio seating and landscaping would allow for programs to be held outdoors and welcome daily outdoor usage. During the pandemic, seniors were said to have continued some programs outdoors but had to use the parking lot as the patio size wasn’t accommodating.

The board held a special meeting Monday and authorized the clerk and supervisor to move forward with agreements with contractors for the concrete and excavating.

Clerk Mike Dolan has been coordinating the project with the Senior Advisory and Parks Committees. Dolan commented that pickleball is a key project that people want and a big step toward the township's objective of supporting recreational opportunities for all ages. He said that, combined with the patio improvements at the senior center, will be a wonderful addition to the community. Dolan noted further that they have tried for two grants for the project but were unsuccessful and they have the funds for the project.

The costs for the pickleball courts totaled $60,600 and the patio project $15,950. A 10% contingency will be added for any cost overruns. It was stated the Senior Center will be contributing some funding toward the project and the goal is to get the improvements done this year.