By Mike Kruzman /

Motorists that take advantage of a Hamburg Township roundabout will need to allot themselves extra time to do so or find an alternate route, beginning Tuesday.

Beginning Tuesday morning, portions of the Hamburg Road and Winans Lake Road roundabout in Hamburg Township will be closed. The Livingston County Drain Commission will be installing a new storm sewer along the western side.

Drain Commission Inspector Bryan Varacalle says that if people are coming down the steep hill in a westerly direction on Winans Lake Road, they will only be able to maintain the right-hand lane that would put them northbound onto Hamburg Road. The eastbound side will be completely closed during daylight hours, stopping traffic from circling the roundabout to get south on Hamburg Road to M-36. At night, the barricades will be removed and the closed portion will be open.

Varacalle said this area is fairly heavy trafficked and that the reason they are doing it at this point of time, is due to the fact that schools will be out for the holidays. He says that if you can avoid the area, at all, it would be appreciated. There are temporary message boards being set up to advise, and traffic detours, which are expected to be lengthy, will be posted soon. Varacalle cautioned drivers that if you do have to utilize the roundabout during construction, give yourself some extra time for travel.

The project is expected to be completed on December 31st.

(Photo: Google Maps)