Rehabilitation on a pair of Hamburg Township roads that are in rough shape will be beginning later this spring.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees, officials received estimates for work to be commencing soon on Chilson Road, and Hall Road. 3 miles of Chilson from M-36 to Pettysville will be milled and replaced with 3.5 inches of asphalt and aggregate shoulders will be placed along the road edges for an estimated $800,000. Over on Hall Road, $220,000 is the estimated cost of replacing 0.7 miles with 4 inches of asphalt and new shoulders. Hamburg Township Supervisor Pat Hohl said this work is made possible because of the 1-mill road millage residents passed 3 years ago.

During a Strategic Planning session that took place before the Board meeting, Hohl said officials entered a conversation where they discussed asking voters to renew the millage when it is up in 2020. The new proposed millage would stay at the 1-mill rate but be for 10 years. It would be combined with possible joint funding from the Livingston County Road Commission and from special assessment districts to do repairs on county roads and some private subdivisions. Hohl said that many of the county roads and roads going through subdivisions are in excess of 40 years old and have never seen improvements. Several people have come forward asking if the township would do something, and this new millage could create an avenue for further reconstruction.

The work on Chilson and Hall Roads is expected to start in May or June. Additionally, Hohl said Hamburg Road from Winans Lake to the Brighton city limits could see improvements this year, but they won’t know the status of that project until later in the summer.(MK)