By Mike Kruzman /

New equipment is coming for officers with the Hamburg Township Police Department as they continue to work towards state accreditation.

Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Richard Duffany spoke before the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees at their latest meeting. On the agenda was a request for the purchase of 14 new Glock .45-caliber handguns. Duffany was also asking for 22 gun-mounted flashlights, that staff had requested for a couple of years, but couldn’t be budgeted for until now. To accommodate the flashlight attachments new holsters are also needed. The Board approved the purchase of the equipment for a cost of $10,330.

Also approved were three policy updates that Duffany was seeking, as the department seeks state accreditation. The Chief said these are nothing “earth shattering” or anything the department isn’t already doing, but they just need to be better detailed. One is the written inclusion of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, which every officer must take, to their General Rules of Conduct policy.

Also approved by the Board was an amendment to the police department’s cash accounts policy, and the adoption of the new Fair and Impartial Policing policy.