By Mike Kruzman /

Hamburg Township officials are seeking to schedule a river clean up later this year, hoping the community steps up and gets involved.

As the township and its residents along the Huron River struggle with flooding, the Board of Trustees recently authorized Hamburg Township Supervisor Pat Hohl to solicit an RFP to contractors for river clean up. They sent the request to 9 contractors, but didn’t receive any responses. At their latest Board meeting, Hohl said he has reached out to prospective community participants to gather interest for a potential clean-up event, possibly in July.

Treasurer Jason Negri said he would hope that the people who live on the river would be the ones jumping in to support this effort. Hohl said either way, its work that needs to get done. He said he sees it as a bit of a “catch-22” in that he agrees the people who live on the river should take charge, but if they don’t, the township will have to deal with it as they deal with any flooding issue.

Hohl and Trustee Bill Hahn said they would be happy to sit down with volunteer leaders and plan the event. Hohl wrote in a memo to the Board that would work with a leader to provide information on past river clean ups including planning, equipment needs, identification of target work area, and disposal of debris. The township will also work with the group to provide a suitable launch site for volunteers and provide coffee, donuts, and pizza. More discussion on the event will likely occur as part of the township’s strategic planning session in the spring.