Hamburg Township officials have issued a no wake request along the Huron River and the chain of lakes in the municipality.

In light of the storm and the excessive rain received in the area over the weekend, the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees is asking that all boaters please observe a no wake request on the Huron River and all the lakes in Hamburg Township. Township Supervisor Pat Hohl says with the Huron River at flood stage, water is present in several crawl spaces and many docks and sea walls are under water. Wakes exacerbate wave action along the shore and, as shorelines are encroaching onto residents’ yards and over their docks, additional wave action presents a safety issue.

Township Information Specialist Brenda Richardson says according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA’s latest advanced hydrologic prediction service graphs regarding river stages and crest estimates, the Huron River was most recently observed to have reached a stage of 7-feet. Flood stage is considered to be 6.5-feet. The river is forecasted to remain at this stage until Friday and expected to fall off over the weekend. Richardson says they’ll monitor the forecast and lift the no wake request accordingly.

The Hamburg Township website has information regarding the Huron River and floodplains, and various related sources. A link is posted below. (DK)