Jessica Mathews /

A project agreement has been approved for renovations at Manly Bennett Park West and water trail access in Hamburg Township.

The township was awarded $300,000 through an MDNR Trust Fund Grant for various upgrades to the play and parking areas, trails, and upgrades for access to the Huron River Water Trail.

The Board of Trustees met recently and approved the project agreement with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, as well as a resolution appropriating $202,500 in matching township funds for the grant. The township will be utilizing ARPA funds for the grant match.

Clerk Mike Dolan reported they’ve been working through the lengthy state grant process, which actually started back in March of 2022.

Township Supervisor Pat Hohl commented that they have ample ARPA money to support the grant but will need to upgrade their maintenance of a creek due to debris, saying it would take “some serious portaging” to get from Bennett Park to the Huron River. However, he said they’ll have to get it cleaned up after the water level comes down. Hohl added that he thinks the project will be a superior addition to their recreational options in West Park.

The scope of the project includes an access pathway, a canoe/kayak launch or ramp, benches, a drinking fountain, landscaping, ADA parking, play equipment, a rain garden with native plants, a trail, and signage.