By Mike Kruzman /

The Hamburg Township Library has instituted a phasing-in approach to re-opening that is in effect beginning today. The library is using a phased approach, introducing services that can be immediately provided while staff makes adjustments within the building to ensure safety and compliance. New temporary hours and curbside service are available for people to pick up checked out materials from their own car.

To use the curbside service, the patron should contact the library by email or phone with materials they wish to reserve. The library will then notify the patron when the items are ready for pick up. When they arrive at the designated spot, formerly in the 5-minute parking area, they are asked first to return items to the outside drop box. Library staff will not be accepting hand-delivered returns for staff members’ safety at this time. After that, the patron should call the library to let staff know they are in a designated spot and what type of vehicle they are driving. The trunk, or a back seat door or window should be unlocked or open for the delivery of the materials. Patrons should also have their library card or state issued ID in hand to show through a closed window.

New temporary hours are Mondays through Thursdays 11am to 7pm, Friday noon to 6pm, and Saturday from 11am until 5pm. The Hamburg Library will remain closed on Sundays.

Inside the library, Director Holly Hentz reports, in a release, that it has undergone a deep cleaning with the installation of an ultraviolet air purification system. They are continuing to fine tune safe-distancing areas and additional sanitation procedures for when they re-open the building. For more details and updates, visit their website,