By Jessica Mathews /

An upcoming virtual cocktail fundraiser will help fund needed electrical repairs at a local museum.

The Hamburg Township Historical Museum is hosting a virtual cocktail class/fundraiser with an Irish twist this Saturday, March 13th. Museum Administrator Patricia Majher said there are deep Irish roots in the township, noting that early landowners had surnames like Dunlavy, Gallagher, O’Connor, and Ryan. She said they’ve planned a fundraiser that celebrates and helps people prepare for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday. The fundraiser will be conducted virtually over Zoom with certified “mixologist” Tammy Coxen leading participants on an exploration of adult beverages with Irish ingredients. She’s expected to teach attendees what makes Irish whiskey different from bourbon or Scotch and demonstrate ways to incorporate Bailey’s Irish Cream and Guinness Stout into cocktails. Participants will receive a recipe list in advance to be able to purchase the ingredients and mix along at home.

The “Drink Me, I’m Irish” class will begin Saturday at 7pm. Tickets are $25 per screen and proceeds will be used to pay for needed electrical repairs at the museum on Stone Street. Details can be found in the attached press release and a registration link is below.