By Mike Kruzman /

A two-township road project that stretches between Hamburg and Green Oak continues to move closer to reality.

The Hillside Lakes of Brighton subdivision sprawls between the two townships. Residents have petitioned for a road improvement that will affect Hillside Lakes Drive, Foxgate Drive, and Foxgate Court. A 10-year special assessment district has been proposed, with each township needing to go through the process for property owners in their jurisdiction.

On Tuesday, the second public hearing for the 17 affected Hamburg Township residents was held, with no one showing up. Being that no one did, Hamburg Township Supervisor Pat Hohl said he believed it was appropriate to approve a resolution confirming the SAD roll. This was done unanimously by the Board of Trustees. The SAD will cost property owners in both townships roughly the same amount, coming in just under $10,000.

Since one township cannot issue SADs in another, each will collect their money the normal way. Hamburg will then send their payments to Green Oak within 15 days of a payment being due. Hohl said the Hamburg Board will have a reimbursement resolution before them at their next meeting to secure this.

The project will see roughly 112,000 square feet of road be milled, removed, and repaved with 4 inches of asphalt and all associated clean-ups. It is projected to cost $525,000, with Hamburg’s total coming in a little under $170,000.

With their second public hearing in the books, the next step is for Green Oak to hold theirs. That will take place on September 2nd.