By Mike Kruzman /

The developer of a proposed gas station in Hamburg Township has received early approvals.

At Tuesday afternoon’s meeting of the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees, officials reviewed a preliminary site plan and special land use permit request for a new development on the northeast corner of the intersection of Pettysville Road and M-36. The 2-acre parcel is currently vacant. The owner, who also owns the Sunoco gas station across the street, is proposing the construction of a 5,244 square foot standalone building that will be used as a convenience store for a new 16-pump gas station. The township planning commission had recommended approval with a series of conditions.

Though no comment was given in a public hearing, Township Planner Scott Pacheco said usually with gas station developments, neighbors have concerns about lights, noise, and traffic. He said the developer has been addressing this and has worked hard on a very extensive landscaping plan. They plan to install a vinyl fence set 5 feet off the property line so that they can plant and screen on both sides of it, to the benefit of residents directly to the north and east of the site.

With the lights, Pacheco said that the ones closest to residents will be turned off between 11pm and 6am. Traffic-wise, the developer is working with the Livingston County Road Commission on the Pettysville access point, and MDOT for the M-36 access point. When asked about the need for 16 pumps, a representative for the owner said they expect much of their traffic to be from boat owners with trailers and that the extra space and pumps are needed, even if they aren’t ever all in use at one time.

As for the Sunoco across the street, they are considering removing the canopy and either re-facing the building or tearing it down.

Pacheco said the project meets site plan review standards and is consistent with the master plan.

The Board unanimously approved the preliminary site plan and special use permit. The developer will now prepare a final site plan for planning commission recommendation. If all goes smoothly, they hope to begin construction by the end of summer.