By Mike Kruzman /

Hamburg Township officials have updated and approved their plan that guidelines their response to emergencies.

The Hamburg Township Board of Trustees originally adopted their Emergency Management Resolution in 2016. The document authorized the township to incorporate into the Livingston County Emergency Management Program, a Support Emergency Operations Plan, General Emergency Management Guidelines, Emergency Management Response Procedures, and Emergency Action Guidelines. The document is reviewed annually, as stated by Police Chief and Director of Public Safety, Richard Duffany. That review came during the Board of Trustees’ latest meeting.

Duffany wrote in memo to the Board, that he is proposing one significant amendment to the plan, and that that is adding the Township’s Flood Response Action Plan, or FRAP, into it. Hamburg residents along the Huron River have struggled with flood emergencies occurring more frequently. Duffany said that it only seems logical and more efficient that the FRAP be included with the other emergency plans and guidelines already contained in the Emergency Management Resolution, and not just as a stand-alone document.

The Board of Trustees approved the amended 2022 Resolution unanimously.