By Mike Kruzman /

Hamburg Township officials have awarded a bid for dust control services to a familiar business.

Bid requests for the township’s 2021 spraying season were sent out to 4 providers, but Utilities Coordinator Brittany Campbell wrote in a memo to the Board of Trustees that only one bid was received back. That provider, Chloride Solutions, LLC has been the township’s dust control provider since 2012. Campbell wrote that their service has been very good so far and is done in a timely manner coordinated by the County. Coincidentally, the Livingston County Road Commission also uses Chloride Solutions.

Hamburg Township Supervisor Pat Hohl explained during the Board’s meeting on Tuesday that in a year when the cooperates, they could get by with just 2 spraying, but typically they need 3.

When 3 sprayings are needed, they are traditionally performed around Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day. Trustee Bill Hahn pointed out that this is a cost that could come out of the road fund, which it appeared the township was prepared to do. On their bid specification form, Chloride Solutions promised 9,500 gallons of Mineral Well Brine per load, at a cost of $0.194 per gallon for each of continuous application, spot spraying, and special projects. This is the same price they gave the township last year.