Dan Martin / news@whmi.com

A new report says infrastructure, housing, jobs, education, and cost of living are among the top priorities for Michigan residents.

According to a recent press release from the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, feedback from over 11-thousand residents was analyzed which will be used to create the most robust population growth strategy in the state’s history. The report focuses on the types of challenges communities face, but also what they appreciate most about living in Michigan.

Chief Growth Officer Hillary Doe and her “Growing Michigan Together” team have traveled across the state listening to people from all backgrounds and perspectives. When asked about the most pressing issues, thirty percent cited needing improved infrastructure, 13 percent said career and educational opportunities, and ten percent wanted more accessible and available housing. Things they like most about living in Michigan include the state’s natural beauty, recreation infrastructure like playgrounds, trails, and sports fields, as well as the weather, and welcoming communities.

In tandem with the statewide survey, the Growing Michigan Together team conducted a national poll to better understand the motivations behind young people choosing to relocate and what characteristics they look for when choosing a new place to live.

Of the 2,700 respondents from 15 high-growth metropolitan areas across the country, 50% of respondents said job or educational opportunities motivated them to relocate, 27% said proximity to family and 13% said cost of living. Approximately 94% of respondents were between the ages of 15 – 36.

When asked what would prompt respondents to consider relocating, 35% indicated that a down payment on a home would be the most influential consideration, further underscoring the importance of housing.

To view the complete report, visit feedback.growingmichigan.org.

To learn more about the Growing Michigan Together Council, visit www.growingmichigan.org.