UPDATE: This has been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Green Oak Township will soon hold an open house seeking public input on their soon-to-be updated Master Plan.

The township’s Planning Commission met Thursday and discussed holding the Open House for two, two-hour sessions on March 19th and March 21st. The goal of the event is to gather feedback from residents to update the municipality’s five-year Master Plan. To do so, the Open House will feature various stations focused on components of the Master Plan and coordinating activities. The stations will address issues like land use, housing options, open space preservation, pedestrian connectivity, communication with residents, and parks planning.

Township Planner Paul Montagno says the input-gathering event helps policy makers understand the vision and desires of the community. Montagno says the township will soon be implementing their outreach plan in order to reach as many community members as possible so that their voices may be heard.

The township first adopted a Master Plan in 1972. The Master Plan was revised and re-adopted in 1999 and amended in December of 2014. Since 1970, population has increased by 81%, economic conditions have changed, and new Township Officials have taken office, prompting the need to periodically re-evaluate and update the Master Plan. (DK)