A local teen charged in connection with a shooting threat at South Lyon High School has entered a plea in the case.

18-year-old Ryan DeBruyne of Green Oak Township pleaded guilty this week to a count of making a false report or threat of terrorism. The charge was filed after he allegedly sent a friend a Snapchat message on February 16th, asking if he would like to re-enact the Florida school shooting that occurred two days before, leaving 17 people dead. Police say after DeBruyne sent the message, his friend replied “no” and reported the incident to authorities the next day. Police interviewed DeBruyne and his family, and no firearms were found in DeBruyne’s possession or under his control following a search of the family’s home and vehicles. After friends, fellow students and their parents voiced support for DeBruyne, saying he’s not a dangerous person; a judge reduced his initial $10 (m) million bond to $100,000 with a 10% cash surety.

Oakland County Circuit Judge Phyillis McMillen agreed to sentence DeBruyne under the Holmes Youthful Training Act, which will erase his criminal record if he successfully complete probation. (JK)