The bomb squad was called out to a construction site in Green Oak Township Tuesday, although it was just a scare.

Green Oak Township Police and the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad responded to the intersection of Winans Lake Road and Willow Oak Drive around 10:30am. A construction foreman had noticed a pressure cooker on the side of the road and contacted police. After investigator and making sure everything was safe, the pressure cooker was eventually opened, and inside were several containers of beef stew in quart jars. It was said to be a strange sight, since there were a lot of glass jars with metal lids inside the cooker and many had burst open.

Green Oak Police Chief Jason Pless tells WHMI he appreciates the vigilance of the citizen construction worker that reported the sealed pressure cooker as a suspicious item and the prompt response from the MSP Bomb Squad. Authorities cleared the area around 1pm. (JM)