By Jessica Mathews/

The Green Oak Township Board is looking to extend its State of Emergency Order, related to the continuing pandemic.

At a recent meeting, Supervisor Mark St. Charles commented that it’s currently unclear if or when the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will extend the state’s emergency order. He said there has been some movement recently but under laws adopted last year regarding electronic meetings, if an emergency order is enacted by the state, county or local municipality can meet electronically - up to and including on December 31st, 2021.

The current State of Emergency Order for the township is scheduled to run out at the end of March and it’s proposed to be declared or extended out to August. It was stated that if the board wishes to end it, then it can do so any at any time.

St. Charles said things are changing quite fast but very few of the board and a large amount of the public in the township have not received COVID-19 vaccinations. He commented that his thought was to go ahead and extend it, which allows them to continue with virtual meetings until the state lifts the order or they decide that enough of the board and public have been vaccinated and can still maintain social distancing.

The board agreed with extending the order to cover their bases, as they can always take it away if needed. One member commented that they thought it was a good idea considering the allocation of vaccines and Livingston County coming up short. St. Charles said a resolution to extend the local emergency will be prepared and ready for the March 17th board meeting.