By Jessica Mathews /

The Green Oak Township Board met recently and approved a resolution rescinding a Local State of Emergency that was declared based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The local declaration was prompted by various federal, state and county orders, directives, guidelines and recommendations that were issued to control the virus. Those included closing business establishments; canceling, postponing and limiting the number of people at gatherings, as well as the number of people in attendance at public meetings. The township board approved a resolution affirming the declaration in March. It specified the state of emergency could be terminated when, in the opinion of the township supervisor, emergency conditions no longer exist and appropriate programs have bene implemented to recover from any effects. At last week’s virtual meeting, it was noted that all staff was great to work with and some different ideas suggested by employees were implemented.

Supervisor Mark St. Charles commented that he, the clerk and treasurer all worked well together. St. Charles told the board it would be fair to say that during the entire time of the local state of emergency that he, Clerk Michael Sedlak and Treasurer Susan Daugherty worked very well together and no big issues came up. St. Charles said he tried to keep the board apprised of everything going on. He added all department heads as they started returning to work all handled business as usual.

St. Charles noted the only big decision made during the entire process was the exchange of a Tahoe between the fire department and building and grounds. Kelly blue book price was paid for the vehicle and St. Charles said there are now enough vehicles for employees to operate without violating any executive orders.