Green Oak Township is exploring ways to fund repairs to a crumbling portion of Lee Road.

Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles says some local residents brought the deteriorating 3,000-ft. section of road to his attention and, after having gone out to the road to see for himself agrees, saying it’s a “really rough area”. The section of Lee Road in question is past Rickett Road, west of Robin Ridge, with potholes beginning to appear just after passing Scranton Middle School’s ballfields on the left.

St. Charles brought the issue up at the township’s Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday night, explaining that he feels they should begin to explore funding partners for the repair project. He tells WHMI he plans to contact the Livingston County Road Commission and officials in Hamburg Township and the City of Brighton to see if they would be interested in sharing the cost. He feels the broken piece of road is not only failing because of age, but also because it is an “access road” that is used by motorists from all three communities.

St. Charles says he received a very preliminary quote for the project from the Road Commission at a cost of $250,000, barring any soil condition problems. St. Charles says soil borings will need to be taken first because the cost of addressing soil problems could add to the project’s budget. (DK)