By Jon King /

A well-known figure in the local law enforcement community will be transitioning to a new role in a new department.

Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy confirmed today that Green Oak Township Police Chief Jason Pless will become the county’s new Undersheriff. According to an email sent by Murphy to his staff and other community leaders, Pless plans to retire as Green Oak’s Police Chief and will assume the role of Undersheriff at the beginning of February.

Murphy stated that Pless “will have a very short learning curve on the field services end, and relationships with public safety in the county” but added that the “curve will be a bit longer” on items like understanding the sheriff’s office culture, internal relationships and policies and procedures, and longer yet on the jail service’s side.”

Murphy concluded by noting that Pless “is very well respected in the public safety community and will be a great addition” to the sheriff’s office.

Pless will succeed former Undersheriff Jeff Warder, who recently resigned following a drunken-driving arrest.