Green Oak Township officials are reviewing an agreement with the Legacy Center to ensure the sports complex is complying with agreed upon terms, following numerous complaints from residents regarding the facility’s lighting.

The sports complex off of Rickett Road and Winans Lake is home to a 104,000-square-foot dome, as well as several soccer and baseball fields. Two residents that live across from the complex brought up several issues they’re having with the center during public comment at the township’s Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday. The neighbors are frustrated with the facility’s bright lighting spilling onto their property and into their windows, wondering aloud if the complex is in compliance with township lighting requirements that were established in an agreement when the complex was constructed.

Township Clerk Michael Sedlak says, “The township has received a number of complaints about the lighting emanating from the Legacy Center. We are currently reviewing the PUD (planned unit development) agreement to see what requirements they had and then we’re going to determine if they’re meeting them and if they’re not meeting them we’ll take steps to make sure that is enforced.”

But neighbors say it’s not just the lighting. One of the residents that attended Wednesday’s meeting brought along a large bag filled with baseballs that she says came from the facility, landing in her yard and hitting her house. She questioned whether the PUD agreement required a berm or some type of screening to prevent that. Neighbors say they are also having problems with people trespassing onto their property to retrieve the balls, adding that they see young children running across the busy street to get to them.

Township officials say they take the concerns of their community members seriously and are already working to determine whether or not the complex is in compliance. (DK)