Green Oak Township’s zoning ordinance could be amended to prohibit marijuana establishments for all land uses within the municipality.

The township’s Planning Commission met Thursday and held a public hearing regarding the issue of amending the ordinance. There were no members of the public that spoke for or against the discussed amendment and the commission unanimously voted to recommend approval to the township’s Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees voted last month to prohibit marijuana establishments in the township, but the zoning ordinance must also be amended for the prohibition to extend to all land uses. The Board can either reject or accept the commission’s recommendation when it comes before them. They could make changes to the ordinance as well before making a decision.

Officials in Northfield Township, one of Green Oak’s neighbor communities, have been discussing their own ordinance regulating marijuana establishments. While the ordinance is still a work in progress, recent discussions by Northfield Township’s Planning Commission suggest the ordinance may allow marijuana facilities in certain parts of the municipality. Whether that could affect Green Oak and how still remains to be seen. Green Oak Township Clerk Mike Sedlak says he and other officials would never be so presumptuous as to tell another municipality what to do.

While Green Oak Township residents voted to approve legalization of recreational marijuana, Sedlak says officials have received feedback from some who approved the use of the substance, but are still against having facilities located in their community. Sedlak says officials wanted to opt out until the state has developed the regulatory framework for recreational marijuana. Communities that do not opt out are automatically included to allow related facilities, but communities that do opt out can change their mind and opt in at any time. (DK)