By Jessica Mathews /

The Green Oak Township board has approved a resolution that will serve as a tool for homeowners to remove nuisance geese.

The township has received complaints about the overpopulation of geese inhabiting various locations, which officials say create unhealthy and unsightly conditions.

The resolution allows for requests to be made to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for permits for a program that allows for the entrapment, removal and relocation of the geese and egg and nest destruction. The birds may be released at other sites in or out of the state and may be euthanized.

A resident who has coordinated the removal program for years and explained the process stated that to his knowledge, no geese have been euthanized.

The township bears no cost or liability related to the program.

Only one homeowner spoke during call to the public to express support for the removal efforts. Dwayne Janke said his homeowner’s Association has spent thousands of dollars on the problem. He commented that it was a quality of life issue, saying their boats, ramps, beach, rafts and shores are all covered in goose poop and the problem is not just on his lake but every lake. Janke added there was nothing inhumane about the process and it is wildlife management.

No opposition was expressed in Green Oak and the resolution passed unanimously.

The topic was more controversial in other local municipalities like Genoa Township where people from mostly out of the state were protesting practices. Brighton Township also has a resolution in place.