Green Oak Township officials want to have further discussion after receiving an offer for township-owned land that is designated to be part of their trails project.

The owners of a gas station off of M-36 near Whitmore Lake Road in Green Oak Township have put in an offer for the neighboring .8-acre parcel the local government bought to use for the Lakeland Trail. They claim it will be a win-win for both parties, as they can tear down the existing gas station and build a new Mugg and Bopps on half the land, while also giving the township an easement for their trail head with the other half. Green Oak Supervisor Mark St. Charles said the Board of Trustees wants more information before they can give a “yes or no.”

St. Charles said he was initially against the offer when he first received it because the trail is one of their top concerns. But he also says he doesn’t want to just shut something down that at the end of the day might be better for the residents. St. Charles said the township bought the property a few years ago at a cost that was debated to be between $45,000 and $60,000. The offer to purchase the property from the township was for $101,000, with a November 8th deadline. As that’s not happening now, the Board is interested in hearing more concrete ideas. Trustees Jim Tuthill, Richard Everett, and Treasurer Susan Daugherty all said they liked the idea, but needed more information. Clerk Mike Sedlak said he’d like to see a conceptual plan with easements and driveways before he could move forward. St. Charles said that he will forward the trail plans to the potential buyer so they can implement it into future visuals.

During public comment at the end of last week’s meeting, one resident spoke to concerns of the current road condition in the area, the November 8th deadline on the offer, and expressed a desire to see a traffic survey. (MK)