Green Oak Township officials are amending their medical marijuana activities ordinance to stay current with state legislature.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing during their regular meeting Thursday night to gather comment and opinion on the deletion of one item and rewording of another. None from the public were at the meeting.

The first change was to strike that medical marijuana activities shall not be conducted in accessory structures, as recommended by the township attorney, based on recent case law. Medical marijuana growing is currently allowed in the state within specific residential zones.

An individual with their card may grow up to 12 plants for themselves, with caregivers being permitted to grow for up to 5 patients. Township Clerk Mike Sedlak seemed frustrated that the state was allowing this, noting that it could easily be abused.

The second was a rewording of the township’s language to opt out of larger, more commercial operations. Larger facilities like provisioning centers, safety compliance facilities, dispensaries, and co-ops are still illegal under state law unless municipalities create an ordinance to allow them.

Green Oak Township has opted out of doing this before, and was reaffirming their stance in the amended ordinance. The Planning Commission approved a recommendation to the Board of Trustees by a 5-1 vote. Sedlak dissented.(MK)