By Mike Kruzman/

The owner of a gas station in a well-traveled section of Green Oak Township is looking to rebuild and modernize it while adding a restaurant.

Michael Berry of Dearborn is the owner of the BP gas station located at 9400 Lee Road, near the double roundabouts. He told WHMI that he is looking to tear down the current building and rebuild it, along with updating the pump stations. Berry said the new building will have an attached Tim Horton’s and really raise the aesthetics of the corner. He said he is the Tim Horton’s franchisee and thus will be running the entire site, “bringing a new look to a very busy corner than needs to be updated. Berry continued, saying “The township has a beautiful corridor, and that’s the last old dinky thing that needs to be updated. So we hope to bring up our image to fit in with everyone else in the area.”

Berry was scheduled to a have a public hearing for special approval use and then be up for site plan approval with the Green Oak Township Planning Commission on Thursday night. With 3 Commissioners absent, however, they didn’t have a quorum and no business could take place. The public hearing and site plan approval will be rescheduled for a future meeting.

Berry said following the adjournment that once the approvals have been granted, he expects the construction process to take between 4 and 6 months, weather permitting.

Picture courtesy of Google Street View