By Mike Kruzman /

A pair of fires at the end of the extended holiday weekend caused structural and property damage at a pair of Livingston County homes.

The Green Oak Township Fire Department responded to a report of a fire on Parmalane Court, just after 2:30pm Monday. Upon arriving, firefighters found a grill fire that had extended to the garage and to the family’s car. According to Green Oak Township Fire Department Chief Kevin Gentry, units were able to quickly extinguish the flames. The grill and vehicle were destroyed, and the garage was damaged. The fire did not extend into the home itself. Gentry said the cause was determined to be an accidental grill malfunction, and there were no injuries to residents or firefighters.

The Putnam Township Fire Department also responded to a call, Monday afternoon, for a fire on Curtis Drive. That blaze was believed to be a started by a lawnmower catching fire after the homeowner was done mowing and parked it in the garage. Putnam Township Fire Chief Curt Ruf said that the garage door being open helped extend the damage into the house. The garage was a complete loss and the home’s first and second floors each suffered minor fire and smoke damage. Ruf reports that there were no injuries as the family got out of the home after noticing the smoke and called 911.

(Photos: Livingston County Fire Buffs)