By Mike Kruzman /

A special assessment district for improvements to a Green Oak Township road has been approved.

A 15-year SAD for Emerson Drive Road, off of Kensington Road, was approved this week by the Board of Trustees. A public hearing was held in front of the motion, but no members of the public took part in it.

Roughly 6,100 feet of road will be pulverized and reconstructed with 3.5-inches of 3C asphalt and 2-inches of 13A. Isolated concrete curb and gutter work will also be performed.

At the first reading of the SAD resolution, Green Oak Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles said he knew support would be high, but how high it ended up being still surprised him. 91.54% of parcel owners signed the petition. On top of that, some of the business owners who are responsible for larger amounts of truck traffic stepped up to take extra assessments. According to the final resolution, Unilock Michigan is taking on an extra $120,000. Excelda Manufacturing and Lamar Properties are each accepting an additional $30,000 assessment. The project is estimated to cost $773,800.

St. Charles said at the Board’s latest meeting that the contractor is anxious to start and could begin as soon as Monday.