Green Oak Township has received a glowing audit report, earning the highest opinion that can be issued.

The township’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday heard the results of the audit, which was conducted by the Pfeffer, Hanniford and Palka consulting firm. The township received an unmodified opinion, which is the highest opinion an independent auditor can issue. The opinion is important in order to keep state-shared revenues coming and assists in achieving a high rating for bonding.

CPA John Pfeffer says the township stayed within budget while still making contributions to a significant community project, this being the new Green Oak Township police station, and still was able to maintain a healthy fund balance. Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles says he’s proud that they were able to put about $1.5 million toward the beginning of the police station project and keep a $4 million fund balance. St. Charles says maintaining a healthy fund balance gives officials the opportunity to put the money toward community benefit projects, like building trails, pathways and sidewalks, and continuation of the police station.

Pfeffer reported the fire and police department funds both stayed within budget, while the township was still able to contribute to those as well.

St. Charles says the latest audit and those from the past are proof that township officials are good fiscal managers of the funds, having built the fund balance up every single year, even during the recession. St. Charles credits the successful audit to the whole board, department heads and individual employees, stating that they all "took part in making sure the township had a good audit and fiscal policy." (DK)