Green Oak Township officials have amended the municipality’s fireworks ordinance, which further restricts the days and times that residents are allowed to discharge fireworks.

The Michigan Legislature approved three tie-barred bills in December that affected how the state and local communities regulate the use of fireworks. Among that legislation is house bill 5940, which gave eligible municipalities the power to restrict when a person may ignite, discharge or use consumer fireworks, with those permitted days being limited to around New Year’s Eve, July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Green Oak Township’s Board of Trustees met Wednesday and unanimously approved a resolution amending the municipality’s current ordinance, subsequently restricting the use of fireworks within the township. The restrictions match the state’s recommendations for permitted use. Supervisor Mark St. Charles says officials decided to follow the state’s recommendation as it would hold up better in court if the township’s ordinance were challenged.

He tells WHMI the new ordinance will give enforcers “some teeth”, noting that firework use prompts numerous noise complaints. He says the township receives them frequently, most often between Memorial Day and Labor Day. St. Charles says they don't want to infringe on anyone's rights, and that it's more about being courteous to neighbors.

The amended ordinance limits firework use to December 31st until 1am on January 1st, the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Memorial Day, June 29th to July 4th, July 5th if that day is a Friday or a Saturday, and the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Labor Day. Anyone found in violation of the ordinance faces a civil fine of $1,000, with $500 of that amount being remitted to the Green Oak Police Department. (DK)