By Jon King /

Graduation and prom parties are being blamed for an increase in coronavirus cases near South Lyon.

According to data from Oakland County, 59 residents in the 48178 ZIP code, which covers the City of South Lyon, along with portions of Lyon and Green Oak townships, have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 30 days. That is more than a third of the total cases in that ZIP code since the pandemic began, which has had 147 positive coronavirus cases and 10 deaths overall. While Oakland County has led Michigan in the number of cases, the 48178 ZIP code has had a relatively low case count, according to officials with the Oakland County Health Division, who told that the increase in cases is attributed to individuals attending graduation parties and outdoor prom events.

That same trend is being seen statewide, with an increase in cases during July also being connected to privately held social gatherings. WDIV reports that one party was organized by a parent who felt bad that kids had missed out on prom because of the pandemic. Reportedly, several of them tested positive for COVID-19, which began a domino effect. Pro Pizza in South Lyon closed down July 28th after a couple of their employees came in contact with someone who tested positive. The business is scheduled to reopen today after all employees tested negative and the store was deep-cleaned. In addition, all activities at South Lyon High School were temporarily suspended last week after a student athlete tested positive.

On Monday, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reported an additional 604 coronavirus cases, bringing Michigan’s total to 83,386. In addition, six more Michigan residents died from the virus, which brings the state’s total to 6,212 deaths since mid-March.