A business in downtown Howell is fed up with recent social media attacks seeking to damage its reputation.

2FOG’s Pub published a Facebook post March 14th stating that within a ten-day period, the business received about a dozen 1-star reviews on its Google business page – more than double that of their entire first four years. The post reads that 2FOG's does not block it’s site(s) and does not remove bad comments or bad reviews. Owner Joe Parker says they’ve had enough and turned the matter over to Google, as well as the local Sheriff's Office and a Cyber Security Firm to determine the person and/or persons behind the attack. Parker stated they monitor reviews very closely and know the normal trends of bad reviews that come in but this was a blatant attack on their business.

In a Facebook video, Parker said they decided to attack the situation and be aggressive. He intends to pursue legal action and said there has been amazing support from the community. Parker commented that some posts insinuated the reviews might be coming from another restaurant or business in town. Parker stated his understanding is that is not the case and local business owners pretty much get along well and work together as all are community minded. The video states 2FOG’s will continue to seek legal action and pursue charges on the person and others involved.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has since confirmed that a report was made. The post is attached and a link to the Facebook page is provided. Facebook photo. (JM)