By Jon King /

A GoFundMe account set up for a Livingston County mother who rushed into a burning home to save her kids has shattered several fundraising goals and continues to grow.

Mikala Vish of Gregory suffered severe burns over 60% of her body last week when she ran into her burning home to save her four young children, ages 12, 6, 4, and 9-months-old. A GoFundMe account to assist Vish initially sought just $2,000 but is now closing in on more than a hundred times that amount, with a $250,000 goal as of today.

The account was set up by Brynna Klink, wife of Chelsea Area Fire Authority Lt. Derek Klink, who responded to the scene that night and called Vish’s actions one the “most heroic thing” he's ever seen.

"I've never seen him as shaken up following any sort of fire and I think it definitely hit home because our children are very, very close in age to Mikala's four children," said Brynna. "And I think him seeing her rush in there just really hit home for him, so I knew we channel that energy into something to help moving forward, and it's absolutely taken off."

Klink says the donations have come in from across the country and that each time she sets a goal, it is quickly surpassed. She tells WHMI that she’ll keep pushing it upward as long as people keep contributing and that all of the funds will go directly to care for Vish and her family, who lost everything in the fire. "This is going to go help support her children while she is recovering in the hospital and anything that her sister (who is caring for the kids) may need and once (Mikala's) out, to cover any sort of medical bills or housing or anything that comes following her release from the hospital."

She says they have also set up a clothing drive for the kids, with donation boxes located outside the Chelsea Fire Station. Those details can be found in the Facebook post below.