By Jessica Mathews /

Traffic signal upgrades are planned at two busy intersections in Genoa Township as part of an upcoming safety project.

The upgrades include signal modernization and left-turn phasing, along with other necessary work at the intersections of Grand River and Dorr Road, and Latson Road and Golf Club Road. The Livingston County Road Commission Board met Thursday during a virtual meeting and approved plans and specifications for both projects. It was stated that both are dangerous intersections and while the projects are separate, they will be bid together through MDOT. Road Commission staff is getting ready to submit the plans.

Managing Director Steve Wasylk stated that the signals will be all computer-controlled and functions will depend on the time of day and demand at the lights. However, he said the cameras and modernization of the electronics should pick up cars better and help the integrated signals work more efficiently.

Director of Engineering Jodie Tedesco noted the light poles will take some time to order, so work isn’t expected to take place until early to mid-summer, adding they’ll have to build the bases and string the new lights. The roads won’t close during installation and crews will work under traffic conditions.

The commission unanimously approved the plans and specifications, with some members commenting they were surprised at how expensive they are. The total estimate of the project is $395,335 with MDOT contributing the majority share. The Road Commission’s share is 16.9% or $66,835.

Photo: Google Street View.