By Jessica Mathews /

A number of special assessment district projects are proceeding in Genoa Township.

At a July meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to approve resolutions for different SAD projects. Some were in the first and second phases while others were in the final stages. The main requests are for road improvements and aquatic weed control.

Supervisor Bill Rogers says the assessment districts for weed control on lakes is kind of an annual thing in that the majority of bodies of water re-up, which is necessary so people can swim and enjoy the water.

Meanwhile, he said the road SAD’s are "coming out of the woodwork." Rogers said they’re taking care of the subdivisions that want to be taken care of and a lot of things are happening that will enhance the overall quality when driving around. He commented that after COVID, it seems as though a lot of people decided it was time to get their roads repaired and fixed and they have several more SAD’s coming.

Rogers noted the districts are quite a process and there’s a lot of paperwork involved but a lot of people have been calling and inquiring and if they can gather the necessary petitions and signatures in their areas, then the township is helping them out. He added the township is technically only the bookkeeper but also contributes toward the cost and will pay a percentage or up to $1,000 per lot.

Some of the assessment districts moving forward include the Black Oaks Trail and Darlene Drive road improvement projects and aquatic weed control for Grand Beach and Pardee Lake.