Genoa Township is playing it safe when it comes to possibly allowing marijuana-related facilities.

The board met recently to conduct a second reading of an ordinance declining authorization of medical marijuana facilities and prohibiting all marijuana establishments for the time being. The ordinance to “opt out” was adopted unanimously. Last November, voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana. The way the proposal was written municipalities need to opt out of allowing facilities, otherwise they are automatically in. Former State Representative and Township Supervisor Bill Rogers says he dealt with a lot of this during his time working at the state level and not much has really changed.

Rogers tells WHMI he personally feels the federal government needs to address the issue so everyone can get on the same page but stressed the board action does not prohibit recreational use, which passed and that's fine.
The township still has the option to opt in later but Rogers says right now predicated on the resources they have, it is more prudent.

Rogers noted the proposal legalized recreational marijuana gives the state up to one year to actually write the rules. Rogers says he has a problem with something being passed but deciding the rules later. He says that makes no sense whatsoever and he doesn’t want to put the township or residents in a compromising position – adding neither does the board as the resolution passed unanimously. Rogers says the option is always there if something changes on the federal front or if state rules come out that are compatible with what the board and constituents feel they can work with, “then that’s a whole different game.”

The state has until December 6th of 2019 to set guidelines and rules for issuing licenses. If nothing happens, then local jurisdictions will have control over regulations. (JM)